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The Scientific Approach at Vita Nutritionals®

As you navigate the often confusing landscape of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements for help with everything from cholesterol to eye care, you may find yourself lost in the options.

Drug stores, grocers, health food stores and online vendors tout the benefits of vitamins and herbs as a cure all, but often don’t support their claims with science or research. Americans waste countless dollars by purchasing herbs, vitamins and specialty products that are of questionable quality, full of unnecessary additives, or not applicable to their needs. Many of us are taking supplements that can negatively affect our existing health issues or interact adversely with prescribed medications.

At Vita Nutritionals®, we recognize the role of nature in supporting our health and have pioneered a science-supported and research-based line of supplements and specialty foods.  Vita Nutritionals® was founded by dedicated health advocates and health care professionals whose success in weight loss supplements has been incorporated by physicians nationally and integrated into holistic patient care.

That same scientific approach has been applied to our Vita Nutritionals® expanded line. Our supplement kits are formulated to address specific health concerns such as: diabetes support, cardiovascular support, immune system support after cancer treatments, fertility support and wellness support formulated specifically for men  and women and so much more.

What makes Vita Nutritionals® different? Three things.

  • Our passionate belief that nature provides a bounty of gifts that can be partnered with science and today’s most advanced heath care practices to enhance health and wellness.
  • You need more than a sales pitch, product label or catchy ad when making decisions. Supplement quality is essential. Our Science Team reviews every supplement, every herb, every mineral, and every compound to ensure our high standards are met from product formulation to packaging.
  • Our knowledgeable Science for Life Advisor will take the time to answer your questions. We want to make sure we are helping you with your specific healthcare needs.

The entire team at Vita Nutritionals® is dedicated to your health and wellness.

As you review our product line, you will see: Our focus is Science for Life℠.  Supplements formulated for healthy living.

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